Nick Farrow and his team should win BAFTAS for their accounting performance – a first-rate service.

Steve Pemberton,
Actor, Writer and Comedian

Nick Farrow and his team have been working with me for quite a number of years now, both as a sole trader and as a limited company.  I never fail to be impressed by their judgements, efficiency and cost effectiveness to my business.

Adrian Bell, Production Sound Mixer

The Farrow Accountants team have been an absolute dream over the years. I used to get quite stressed when dealing with my taxes, but they’ve taken all my worries away. Super efficient and an all round lovely bunch of people.

Layton Williams

Nick and his amazing team make the whole business of company accounts and VAT returns easy to understand, and dare I say it, even enjoyable. No question is too small or too stupid and I wholeheartedly recommend him. He is the best.

Lucy McDonald, Writer and Broadcaster

…loved surfing and lunch was delicious you are the best accountant we could possibly imagine. If Carlsberg made accountants it would be Farrow Accounting.

Harry Peacock and Katherine Parkinson, Actors

Farrow Accounting provide the best kind of service – knowledgeable, authoritative, scrupulous, friendly, informative, courteous and always 100% percent reliable.  I couldn’t imagine having anyone else handle my accounts.

Jeremy Dyson, Writer

Nick Farrow’s a brilliant accountant. Unfailingly friendly and always clear and efficient. Was recommended him by another comic and have since recommended him to everyone.

Tim Key,
Comedian and Writer

Farrow Accounting have never been anything less than incredibly helpful and effortlessly friendly. I unreservedly recommend their services.

Joe Thomas, Actor

Nick Farrow provides a superb, effective and friendly accounting service that is specifically tailored to my personal needs. I have been a happy client of Farrow Accounting for 8 years now.

Mary-Anne Hobbs, Broadcaster and DJ

Nick and Grania have built a fantastic team at Farrow Accounting and are able to combine high-quality tax advice with first-rate service. I use them personally and am also very happy to recommend them to my clients.

Adam Calderwood, Director, Calderwood Wealth Management Ltd

Nick and everyone at Farrow Accounting have been wonderfully supportive and have always had intelligent advice whenever I needed it. They are efficient, friendly and great to work with- couldn’t be better!

Jonny Sweet, actor,
Writer and Comedian

The Team at Farrow Accounting are friendly, knowledgeable and professional, their common sense approach and simple tools make doing the accounts straight forward. They are an important help in the running of our business, they make it all a lot less scary. And it is much more fun going to see the accountant now.

Simon Rolph, Director,
Gentia Consulting

I have recommended Nick Farrow to my clients for many years and will continue to do so as he and his team are efficient and fantastic to deal with.  I now also use him for my personal affairs.  Accounting purposes only you understand…

Janette Linden, Agent/Manager at PBJ Management

Nick and everyone at ‘Team Farrow’ provide an excellent service, answering all my questions despite my total lack of accountancy knowledge. They're incredibly prompt with correspondence, clear with the structure of how everything I’m filing works, and make the part of my job which I least enjoy (sorry Nick) much, much more bearable.

Joe Evans, TV Producer

I have been working with Farrow Accounting for many years now. They’re terrific; always friendly, helpful and very meticulous.

Sarah Kendall, Comedian

Nick and his team are warm and personable to work with and their extensive knowledge in the world of UK taxes makes me feel in safe hands. Every time I have a question, either Nick or someone else on the team is immediately responsive.

Phil Burgers, Writer and Comedy Performer

I hear a lot of people complaining about their backs or their accountants.  I am delighted to say that I have enjoyed several years with Farrow Accounting and appreciate the way they combine an informal style with enthusiasm and interest. I’m also delighted to say that I have a good back.

David Shreeve, Co-founder and Director of The Conservation Foundation and Environmental Adviser to the Church of England

As a freelance actor/writer I would hope that my forte lies in words as it certainly doesn’t in numbers. Nick Farrow and his superb team definitely take the stress out of tax with their swift and clear communication and friendly attitude. If you’re finding yourself worried about your personal or business tax situation, I could not recommend Farrow Accounting enough.

Greg McHugh,
Writer and Actor

Farrow Accounting has been looking after me for nearly a decade now – almost as long as my wife – and I have always felt in safe and wise hands (on both fronts). I completely and highly recommend them (wife and Farrow).

Alex Horne, Comedian

Farrow Accounting are the best accountants anyone could wish to have. Not only are they delightful people to deal with but they also seem to genuinely love numbers.

Charles Hazlewood, Conductor


The advice to change from sole trader to limited company status was probably the best piece of business advice I’ve ever received. It instantly allowed me to be more profitable with the savings far outweighing the extra accountancy fees. Having a limited company also increased my credibility in the eyes of existing and potential clients and the thanks for that must go to Farrow Accountancy.

Phil Wiles, Creative Director,
Phunction Ltd

Nick, Grania and the team seem to make the impossible, possible. They make dealing with accountants a positive experience, always going the extra mile to look after their clients. They have been looking after my accounts for over a decade and, while there are almost certainly cheaper options, their specialist expertise in the media industry and understanding of HMRC means the savings they’ve made for me have far outweighed the cost of employing them. They are consummate professionals with an extremely personal touch. I always recommend them to colleagues.

Karen Kay, Journalist and Copywriter

Nick Farrow helped us setting up our company 13 years ago. His level of experience and knowledge in the accounting world is impressive. He is passionate and he understands the needs of each client.

Valerio Bonelli, Film Editor

Farrow Accounting provide a cradle-to-the-grave service to my clients with the added bonus of being able to add up and do other maths things that still defeat most other mere mortals.  And anyone who can get excited about a tax return gets my vote.

Caroline Chignell, Director, PBJ Management

I have been with Farrow Tax and Accounting since I started Greenwood Guides in 1999. They could not have been more assiduous, helpful, patient and uniformly pleasant to deal with throughout that time.

Simon Greenwood,
Travel Guide Publisher

I’ve been with Farrows for over a decade now. I remember when it was just Nick and Grania and now there’s a whole team of people working there, who totally share their love of tax! They are all a real pleasure to work with and always provide such a professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and accurate service. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Rob Rouse, Comedian

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