Our media and entertainment clients want to concentrate on what they do well and not have to worry about meeting deadlines or figuring out their taxes. That’s our job.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve built up considerable expertise in the media and entertainment industry. Our clients include actors, comedians, TV and radio presenters, writers, producers, sound and lighting engineers, camera operators, costume and set designers, production accountants, journalists and musicians. Whether you’re already an established name or on your way up we’ll give you a first class, bespoke service.

We’re members of the Entertainment and Media Industry Group of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, which keeps us on top of current developments in the industry.

In our experience, entertainment clients have income that can fluctuate wildly. We regard it as our job to be prepared to cope with these changes. This might include issues such as making sure that you’re VAT registered when it’s right for you; or forming a company to shelter windfall income from the higher rates of tax.

Farrow Accounting provide a cradle-to-the-grave service to my clients with the added bonus of being able to add up and do other maths things that still defeat most other mere mortals.  And anyone who can get excited about a tax return gets my vote.

Caroline Chignell, Director PBJ Management

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